We have picked the very best premium products from our extensive range and raised them to a new level of performance. 


State of the art fabrics and technology help you improve in every aspect, from beating your fastest time to keeping you cool in hot conditions.


Every material we use for each product has been selected for a reason, to help you achieve the best in training, racing and recovery. 


Each piece has been designed to maximize your freedom of movement and power you to your best performance every time you wear HumanSpeed Intelligent


2017501 - HumanSpeed Intelligent jersey men

2017502 HumanSpeed Intelligent jersey woman

• Carbon fabric, which support your muscles and cools you down

• Clima Speed fabric, gives you a perfect core temperature 
- fast drying and water repellent effect

• Aero speed fabric on sleeves

• Slim fitted

• No collar

Size Men: XS-XXXL, women: 34-46


2017503 - HumanSpeed Intelligent bib men

2017504 HumanSpeed Intelligent bib woman

Carbon fabric, which support your muscles and cools you down

Seamless legs for freedom of movement

Pocket for radio/Iphone

New bibs for better ad lighter fitting

Red carbon pad. Cold black treatment - reduces the heat by 50%

Size Men: XS-XXXL, women: 34-46