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Welcome to Humanspeed

A Danish quality sports brand – Custom made for athletes, clubs and businesses. Even more companies getting bigger and bigger, having the shareholders pushing for more outcome. They want to commercialize their products, forgetting the most important things, HumanSpeed wants to pioneer the world of running, biking and triathlon wear by laying vast focus on innovation, shorter lead times and flexible solutions – facing the specific needs of the costumers.  We want to communicate directly with end consumers, using the feedback to innovate even more. The founders of HumanSpeed have a high range of specific skills in textile business, experience from leading brands and knowledge from many years in professional triathlon. HumanSpeed has developed a full range of highly innovative functional sports products:

48 bike products; from Pro Tour level to highly functional club products.

16 triathlon products, using the fastest and most cooling material on the market.

33 really nice ergonomic shaped running items.

For all articles, the clients decide the design – all costum made.




HumanSpeed wants to pioneer the new generation of triathlon sportswear. We’re launching two lines:

- The extraordinary Pro line, developed by leading athletes. The perfect match for clubs and companies.

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HumanSpeed aims to supply cycling products ranging from the Pro Tour level to clubs with a need for highly functional sportswear. Ergonomic shaped panels, cooling fabric, and anti-scratch fabric are only a few of the highlights of our extensive cycling collection, which will lift your performance to a new level.

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HumanSpeed wants to create the fastest run line – custom made designs for every demand. Fast ergonomic design, curved shapes for better movement, same stretch fabric used in the triathlon and bike lines – for full moister control.

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